"If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men."

- María Montessori


Who are we and what do we do?


More than thirty years ago SKAS Foundation - Unidad Educativa Particular Despertar emerged as an answer to an urgent local and social need in order to provide fair, quality education to special-needs children from low-income families.  At that time, there were no educational institutions for such children in our country.  Thus, SKAS-Despertar was founded specifically to work with children and families, regardless of their income, social class, or disability, while offering something that didn’t exist in Ecuador, a school that followed the Montessori Philosophy.

SKAS-Despertar is a non-profit organization that was recognized since its inception by the Ministry of Education.  The organization received its license to function and was classified as an experimental project called “Where Hope and Love Bloom.” 

Currently, the organization proudly functions as an integrated educational institution.  We seek to offer disadvantaged communities an educational alternative, providing the necessary resources so that boys and girls, especially those with health problems and disabilities, can be integrated into society, while complying with government educational requirements.

More than an individual experience, we seek to provide the opportunity for children, adolescents and adults to learn “the Art of Living.”



About our method:


Currently, there are Montessori schools in more than 210 countries where, as a general rule, a Montessori education is limited to the wealthy due to the high costs of the materials and personnel (due to a low percentage of students per guide).  In SKAS-Despertar, we believe it is necessary to offer the Montessori Method not only to the elite, but to provide it without regard to race, gender, social class or physical or intellectual capacity.

The principal focus of a Montessori school that follows the procedures created by Dr. Maria Montessori is to work with students independently, focusing on their unique personalities, learning styles, strengths, interests, and individual needs. 

An inclusive education, with the integration of children with all kinds of abilities, teaches that we are all equal, and that we can live and work together, always learning.

Our primary goal is to form EXCELLENT STUDENTS AND EXTRAORDINARY HUMAN BEINGS, children and teenagers who are independent and free, with social awareness and a spirit of investigation.

We encourage each child and family in the SKAS Community to continue responsibly practicing as a way of life what they learned in the school. 


Our Predicament:


SKAS Foundation - Unidad Educativa Particular Despertar does not receive financial assistance from the government.  Thus, we depend completely on tuitions, which vary depending on the financial resources of the students and their families. 

The high price of Montessori materials, the administrative costs of the institution, as well as the variety of services offered to the students result in a monthly cost to the school of approximately $350.00 per student.  Unfortunately, the majority of families cannot pay that amount, so we have a significant monthly  deficit.  This deficit puts at risk the long-term viability of the institution.

With this in mind, we are asking for your help at this time, by sponsoring a student and helping to cover his tuition.

With your help we can give the next generation the tools and knowledge to create a better world, a world where there are no boundaries.